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Tigges Edelstahltechnik GmbH & Co KG

Dieselstraße 3
42781 Haan
Phone +49 2129 500 64
Fax +49 2129 528 03
Management: Natalie Tigges, Sabine Tigges
Handelsregister: A 18844
Amtsgericht Wuppertal
UST-ID: DE121380349


General Sale, Delivery and Payment Conditions

Internet System Operation Conditions

The internet system operates in the form of a decentralized network combine featuring a hold-and-transfer function for temporary data and information files.

In view of the complex internet system structure, it is presently impossible to give any guarantee for the preclusion of manipulations, inadvertent falsification, use of current data and information (for example obsolete data and information versions left in the cache memory, etc.) along the supplier-consumer transmission path !

Tigges Edelstahltechnik GmbH & Co KG are, therefore, highlighting these system-inherent restrictions and risks by way of the following warning note: “Reception of this data and information is subject to the prevailing internet system operating conditions, i.e. Tigges Edelstahltechnik GmbH & Co KG cannot accept any liability for the contents of and/or the conformance with the original data and information involved !”.

Extern Links

The Hamburg Regional Court decided per judgment dated May 12, 1998, that the installation of a link could, depending on accompanying circumstances, lead to a partial responsibility for the contents of the page/s selected with such link. This responsibility can, according to the Court, be precluded by an express statement to the effect that the installing party dissociates itself from the contents of such page/s.

Tigges Edelstahltechnik GmbH & Co KG have installed a number of links to other internet pages on the basis of the following statement:

“It is hereby expressly stated that we have no influence whatever on the makeup and contents of our homepage and link-selectable pages, towards which end we dissociate ourselves from the contents of our homepage and all related link-selectable pages and relevant banners involved.”


The layout of the Tigges Edelstahltechnik GmbH & Co KG homepage, its related graphics and pictures, documentations/publications and all relevant contributions are protected by copyright. All other rights towards photomechanical reproduction, duplication and/or circulation (e.g. electronic data processing, data media and data networks), in total or in part, are expressly reserved by Tigges Edelstahltechnik GmbH & Co KG. Moreover, TIGGES do not accept any liability for typographical errors and/or correctness of any entry whatever.

Netigo, Internetagentur Düsseldorf